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Mike + Jen

VTGdallas is every pop culture junkie's dream come true. Loaded with literally thousands of band shirts, movie shirts, sports shirts, and everything else...like a 'you know that one show, with that guy from that thing in the 90's? Yeah, we've got the shirt!' type collection. Our vast inventory includes just about anything that anyone could imagine. To be honest, one could spend an eternity captivated by an intense brainstorming session within our search bar.

In 2012, VTGdallas (formerly known as Buffalo Sexchange) was launched on Etsy, to humble beginnings. However, after five short years and a move from Dallas to Los Angeles, our online shop's collection, professionalism, service and knowledge has grown into a well respected institution of vintage fashion. Apparel from VTGdallas frequents the pages of NYLON and Billboard Magazine, as well as the Instagram feed of many famous rappers, country stars, rock icons, professional athletes, popular stylists, 

Photo from NYLON Magazineactors and actresses, prominent tattoo artists, legendary directors, TV celebrities, and notable pop culture personalities. 


While you are browsing VTGdallas.com, you'll have access to our extensive archive of vintage pop culture streetwear from the 80's, 90's, 00s, carefully curated selections of more recent items, as well as discounted items and shop exclusives that will not be made available on our OG Etsy Shop or anywhere else. 

VTGdallas on Etsy

VTGdallas owners, Jen and Mike, both bring a unique perspective to the shop, together curating a collection of vintage that spans the full spectrum of pop culture. Get to know us through our social media where we share some closet changing sleepers from the shop that just might be the exact t-shirt that you never knew you couldn't live without.